Lynn Goodwin

Qualified Therapist

Lynn Goodwin

Qualified Therapist

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Accredited Sex & Relationship Therapist, Aberdeenshire

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Accredited Sex &
Relationship Therapist,

An Experienced & Qualified Therapist

I am a qualified and Accredited Counsellor and Accredited Sex and Relationship Therapist. I can see individuals or couples for a wide variety of counselling issues and also sex and relationship issues depending on each individual/couple's unique situation. We can talk on the phone or via Zoom, whichever you feel more comfortable with.

My aim is to offer a supportive and non judgmental therapeutic relationship where you can explore the issues you are facing. Perhaps the greatest benefits of counselling/psychotherapy is that it can help you feel more in control and better able to do something about an aspect of your life that simply isn’t working for you.

You can contact me via telephone or e mail and we can arrange a time to talk. We can then arrange an initial session and decide the best way forward to help look at the difficulties you are facing.

Lynn Goodwin Therapist and Cousellor

I started my Nurse training when I left school and really enjoyed the caring aspects of this profession. Caring for people when they needed it, I found to be extremely rewarding. I then decided to train as a Midwife, and through these experiences I gained a huge insight into the highs and lows of such a life changing period in peoples lives. It was at this time that I realised that I wanted to build on my communication skills so that I was able to help others as best I could.

I started my Counselling career by enrolling in a Counselling skills course and I have not looked back. This then lead me onto completing at Person-Centred Diploma in counselling where I gained so much insight into myself and others. I then decided to train as a Sex and Relationship Therapist as I felt that this was an area that was rarely spoken about. Through this I have gone onto develop my skills by completing a Certificate in Couple Counselling and I am in the process of completing a Diploma in Compulsive Sexual Behaviours. My passion for understanding the lives of others and supporting them through difficult times has stayed with me. Through the different experiences I have, I feel I am able to create a space for you to explore your difficulties which, may help you understand yourself and your situation better and make any changes that you feel are needed.

Training, Qualifications & Experience

Registered General Nurse (RGN) Foresterhill College (1995-1998)

Registered Midwife (RM) Northern College (2000-2012)

Counselling Skills 1-4 (COSCA Validated Aberdeen University) (2007)

Specialist Module in Bereavement Counselling (COSCA Validated) (2008)

Post Graduate Diploma in Person Centred Counselling (Aberdeen University) (2010)

London Diploma in Psychosexual and Relationship Therapy (2016)

Certificate in Couple Counselling with Relationships Scotland (2019)

Counselling Tutor-Online and Telephone Counselling Course (2020)

Diploma in Compulsive Sexual Behaviours CICS Sept 2020-Ongoing

MBACP (Accred) - Accredited Member of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy.

AccCOSRT - Accredited Member of College of Sexual and Relationship Therapists

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Life is not always easy and it can sometimes be a challenge; despite our best intentions things can go wrong and we can find ourselves struggling with day to day life. Perhaps you have run out of strategies for how to deal with your life that is feeling difficult. Perhaps you don’t even know what the stresses are. Deciding to get some professional help can really help in understanding what is going on for you.

I work with clients experiencing a variety of emotional issues and I have found that by giving the space for clients to air their emotional difficulties and begin to shed some light on it, can in turn help them to see a way forward. This may be by accepting when something can not be changed or by doing something differently which may help you understand yourself and your situation better and make any changes that you feel are needed.

Coping with the Pandemic

Living with the emotional impact of the Pandemic is also adding to all of our ability to function as we did before. We all have our own tale of the impact the Pandemic is having on us and by recognising this and allowing ourselves extra time, self-care and nurturing that’s needed for us to get through this, we will hopefully come through this with a positive impact on our emotional health.

Sex and Relationship Therapy

I work with individuals and couples experiencing difficulties within their intimate relationships. This therapy is called Sex Therapy and it is a form of therapy that can be very helpful in understanding and treating sexual or intimate issues you may be having. You do not have to be in a relationship to benefit from looking at your difficulties and it is up to you if you come on your own or with your partner.

People are often very anxious about seeking help for problems around sex and intimacy. This is understandable as sharing your most private thoughts and feelings with a stranger can be daunting. I find people very quickly get used to talking, even at their first appointment. Clients tell me they feel a great relief in giving voice to their problems. By speaking about them aloud to an experienced and empathetic listener the problem loses some of its power and the process of change can begin.

Sexual Therapy

Some Reasons people come for Sex Therapy

• Loss of Desire
• Differences in levels of sexual desire
• Problems getting aroused
• Pain During Sex
• Erection Issues
• Delayed or Premature Ejaculation
• Difficulties with orgasm
• Compulsive Sexual Behaviour
• Lack of communication around sex in your relationship
• Anxiety around sex and intimacy
• Difficulty and fear of penetration (Vaginismus)

There are many more sexual difficulties that bring people to ask for help. For more information on what to expect during Sex and Relationship Therapy please access COSRT (College of Sex and Relationship Therapists)

Making an Appointment

Initially, you can contact me via e mail or telephone/text and I offer a free 10 minute telephone call to discuss things further if required.

The next step would be to arrange an initial session this will be via Zoom or Telephone. Your counselling session will be 50 minutes. The number and frequency of sessions will be discussed and decided by you. I require payment 48 hours before our session. I also ask for 48 hours notice of cancellation otherwise the missed session will be charged for.

My session fees are £50


I will treat the content of our sessions in the strictest confidence, there is however exceptions to this and confidence would be broken if any of the following is disclosed: Concerns about the safety of yourself, a child or vulnerable adult, a disclosure relating to a serious crime, money laundering and terrorist activities. However, I will aim to discuss any concerns if they arise.

I will send you my Counselling Agreement prior to our first session. I will let you know how I store your data and personal information. I abide by the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) (2018). I am also a member of ICO and I am on their Data protection register you can find out more at ICO.


Lynn Goodwin, Relationship Therapist,
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